What We Do

The KELLEN CAPITAL, LLC is fund which finds so called “off market” extremely undervalued assets.  These are not the kinds of properties you will see on LoopNet.  By the time everyone else has looked at them, it’s too late.  Kellen has relationships with retired judges, retired attorneys, receivers and researchers who find assets that are almost unbelievably ridiculously low! That is our method, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.    The goal of the Fund is to provide investors with a high-yield debt instrument while minimizing the risk of principal loss and maintaining near-term liquidity.

KELLEN CAPITAL, LLC invests in short-term, real estate assets which have strong flip potential or long term hold potential if they are generating solid revenues.  Most of our so called “petroleum” assets are HUGE tracts of land with both energy income AND residential development potential, so that our investors are assured of multiple revenue streams.

Key Points:

  • While KELLEN CAPITAL, LLC works toward and achieve high returns, the first consideration is protection of capital
  • Fund acts like a “bank” for builders and developers
  • Writes real estate loans, with loan to value ratios no greater than 65%
  • Expects consistent monthly returns in excess of 10% annualized