Project Finance and Development Funding

We are specifically looking for turnkey projects, or deals you may have put on the back burner or were not able to get moving in the past.

Kellen is one of the few funding sources where we provide funds for ACQUISITION and DEVELOPMENT, a ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR YOUR PROJECTS!

Our 100% LTV Solution is our Most Popular Financing Method.  NO BROKERS or INTERMEDIARIES,  WE DO NOT TAKE OPEN INQUIRIES WITHOUT NDA and POF’s EQUIVALENT TO 5% of the PROJECT:  IE if you have a $200Million Dollar Project, you only need $10Mil in YOUR ACCOUNT.   Funds are NOT used as Broker Fees, Points, Expenses, or go toward SELLER,  they are simply to prove solvency, liquidity. (cash reserves)

Cash Reserves Defined: Refers to the money a company or individual keeps on hand to meet its short-term and emergency funding needs.  Your land investments, engineering and survey work will not be accepted as cash reserves.

We also have a number of ways to fund PPP’s (Public Private Partnerships), Project Finance and Development Finance Projects.

~ Bond Debt

~ Venture Capital

~ Long Term Low Interest Rate Debt

~ Joint Venture

~ Angel Investors/Mezzanine Financing

We need the Following:

  A.  Prospectus

  B.  Executive Summary

  C.  Deal Sheet (A One Page Overview)

  D.  CIS (Client Information Sheet)

  E.  NDA/CA

  F.  Fee Sheet Signed

We generally can have a decision back within 48 hours to a week.  If your Business Plan needs something it is generally risk analysis work.  We’ve found the more time is spent on analyzing risk the more likely your deal is going to make it to the finish line.

Send Project Finance or Development Finance Packages to:

Or Call:  703-675-0593