Web Marketing Strategy

  • Web Marketing Strategy
  • Web Marketing Strategy
Date: Aug 2013

Kellen Capital invests in its  Internet business model and is fully integrated.  Whether it is investing in multiple server bandwidth distribution, or developing synergies with our partners, Kellen Capital Web Marketing Strategy is strong.  Kellen’s Technology Department works to keep it’s website and its partner’s Websites scalable and created with an eye toward supporting new and improved technologies.

Kellen Capital develops tactics for its partners as well as businesses and properties to reduce capital outlays.  Taking Web Marketing “in house” not only reduces costs, but Kellen does not minimize the impact that web marketing plays in the continued growth and support of the company.  Kellen Capital creates and develops aggressive web marketing strategy for partners.  By providing quality interlocking partnerships, lean strategies pay high dividends.  Collective marketing approaches online are cutting edge in terms of scientific research and impact.

The Company will continue to employ a comprehensive online marketing campaign as it pursues its goals. Campaigns consist primarily of traditional internet marketing along with social media strategies. The Company’s marketing methods will include the following efforts: Contextual advertising, Online Marketing and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Paid placement, Search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Word of Mouth and Paid inclusion.

Deluxe keyword integration with partner sites increase and impact the efficiencies in paid campaigns.  Reducing ad spend through these efficiencies provide investor trust that Kellen utilizes technologies; reduces costs and provides a greater return on investment.


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