Oil and Gas Opportunities

Kellen Capital, Inc has OFF MARKET acquisition opportunities far below market value, with Revenue, and calculated at $10 Oil.  Even as we saw oil go to 30 on Friday Feb. 12th, and now as we enter April, in the mid 30’s, Kellen is still calculating Revenue at $10.  You’re thinking:  $10 Oil! How will Kellen make money that low?

We anticipate oil going lower, and some great bargain properties are to be had in this space.  So there is plenty of upside to all these plays.

Ask about our HUGE list of Oil properties.  It’s really a database of properties, so let us know what State you are interested in.

Also we are developing our “Undervalued Oil Asset Fund” which will purchase off market properties outright, and profit from the low prices.



Investment Opportunity