Overseas Investors

Overseas Investors have a range of choices from Kellen Capital, Inc.


Kellen Capital has a $100 Million Real Estate Fund for Accredited Investors with a Minimum Investment of $1 Million USD.  This Real Estate Opportunity Fund is capitalized against an existing portfolio of $15M in Real Estate and $10M in Cash.
The Fund will therefore have 125 Percent Equity to Investment Ratio at Full Subscription. Risk is Low, Returns are estimated are 11 to 15 percent.


Saddlebrook Logo

Kellen has the Saddlebrook Fund which has a $10 Million USD and is in Partnership with Cars.Com, the largest US Website of Automobile Sales information. Cars.Com has relationships with some of the largest US Newspapers, and is the leading Website in America for Automotive Min Investment is $250K USD Kellen will manage and maintain a higher return on the Automotive Fund, at 20 percent, in the Luxury brand Market Like Mercedes and Cadillac. http://saddlebrookinvestment.com/the-firm/




SocialN TV

Social N Worldwide, Inc is a Network of 65 News, Information and Media Websites with over 4 Million existing connections and grows by 3,000 to 5,000 new connections daily. Social N seeks a $100 Million Subscription of Venture Capital to roll out it’s First in the World “Live Local Online Streaming Network” utilizing it’s existing momentum. Minimum Investment is $1Million. The appeal to overseas Investors is to have a Large Media Imprint in the United States, as Social N is very popular in major U.S. Markets like NYC, L.A., Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Atlanta and other Major Cities. http://socialnworldwide.com/who-we-are-map/

All Above Investments are available to overseas Investors without a VISA or citizenship requirements as long as they can source the funds, and are accredited investors.



In addition to Investment Funds, Kellen Capital has working relationships with firms and busi-nesses throughout the United States.

Kellen Capital works with the Attorney Negotiation Center http://www.attorneynegotiationcenter.com/ to provide EB-5 Immigrant Investor Process through the USCIS and works to provide entrepreneurial opportunities in:

Real Estate Management
Property Management
Commercial Property Management

Entrepreneur opportunities for those wishing to apply and who have the required minimum investment required.

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