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~11 Casinos 18 Million Joint Venture 30 Million Purchase 23 Million Revenue Great Price!

~30,000 Acres 25.5 Mil, Mineral, Petroleum, Lithium Suitable for building a town, resort or res BUILD YOUR OWN CITY OR TRADE FREE ZONE OR BOTH

~Brazilian Gold Mine $12 Million  50% JV  1 Billion in Gold Ore Deposits

~Malaysian Prawns Retail for $48/pound, Organically Grown, Eco Friendly Only $1,000,000 Investment! VERY HOT!

~Brazilian Gold Mining Rights $4Million – $2Million Annual Net VERY LOW PRICE

~Existing (3) Proven Model:  Botox, Cosmetic Surgery, Wellness Clinics $12Mil to Expand 10 New Locations HOT!

~2,000 Acre Development: 11 Marina Piers, Golf Course, Airport, $298Mil – Projected 10 Yrs $1.02 B

~Nationwide Online Local TV Network in 65 Cities  $27.8 Million, 2017 ProForma:  $250Million Ad Revenue

~4,000 Acre Oilfield $20 Million Investment:   at $10 Barrel, 17,250,000 Annual Revenue *More Rev as Oil Rises **Second Well will keep revenue stable for 25 to 40 years 4,000 Barrels per day.

~$100,000,000 Petro Fund Buys Up Distressed Wells, 3 to 5 Year Hold, Value:  $2Billion in Valuation;  Rev $150,000,000  Managed assets of 50,000 Acres in U.S., 45,000 International. Options and Leases on over 2,000 Wells.  At $10 Oil, will still yield 20 percent annual return on investment.  Calculated at opening price of $50 a share.

 ~$20,000,000 JV Oil, Natural Gas, Assets Worldwide,  50,000 Acres  22 Mill Annual Net


Also, Kellen Buys  Energy Assets through A Joint Venture. We are Looking For the following:

1. Chapter 11 companies/equipment (worldwide)

2. Crude oil and gas Buyers (worldwide)

3. Minerals/royalties with production (USA only)

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