EB5 Visa

EB5 Visa

The State Department has been issuing a record number of EB5 Visas.

The EB5 Visa equally known as the Immigrant Investor Program came into being in 1990 as a measure of stimulating the economy through creation of jobs and capital financing by foreign investors.  Foreign investors are privy to get a green card and an American residency when they invest a minimum of 1 million dollars and create a minimum of 10 new jobs. There have been a significant increase in investment in the United States from all over the world as a reason of the immigrant investor program. The majority of these foreign investments comes from China and noticeably from Canada, Great Britain and South Korea.  There are no quotas enforced on the EB5 Visas as compared to an employment based Visa. This is why there have been more than $7 billion dollars in the U.S economy since 1990, and about 29, 000 Visas have been given out through the immigrant investor program.

The EB5 Visa program has effectively launched new businesses into the fray, and as well as revived ailing and troubled small businesses at times when there was inadequate access to funding capital.  Jobs that would have been terminated due to business failings; have been preserved following the successes of the EB5 Visa program.

The Process of getting an EB5 Visa requires a great deal of patience, due diligence and extensive research. An EB5 regional center approved by the USCIS can help you overcome this hurdle by pulling in investments to match with your individual projects and they work in line with the program. If your business or project engages the services of a Regional center to acquire its foreign investment, the center would direct and administer the ‘moving parts’ to bring all plans to fruition. Though it is possible to apply for this visa without making an investment through a Regional Center,   this would entail the applicant to craft out his or her business plan. There exists specialized EB5 consultants to help you out in writing your business plan in application for the EB5 Visa.   Kellen Capital has arms length relationships with:

Business Plan Writers

Business Consultants

Legal Representation

Should an Overseas Investor wish to pursue the EB5 Visa, contact Tony Brown using our EB5 Form.

How to Get Started

You can get started on the path of successfully applying for your EB5 visa and securing direct foreign investments for your business or franchise in the United States by working with experienced EB5 consultants or approved Regional Center.

Kellen Capital in partnership with the Attorney Negotiation Center can make this happen by providing the EB5 Immigrant Investor processing through the USCIS. Kellen Capital will also fashion out entrepreneurial opportunities in:

  • Real Estate Management

  • Property Management and

  • Commercial Property Management

Application opportunities for the EB5 Visa are completely handled by the Attorney Negotiation Center along with Kellen Capital, pending that you have the required minimum investment to scale through. Kellen Capital has helped foreign businesses to get settled in the U.S, and this shows in their cordial relationships with businesses all over the United States depending on where the EB5 Visa holder wishes to live.

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