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06/07 2015

EB5 Visa Applicants

EB5 Visa Candidates from Overseas

Kellen Capital Works with Potential Applicants in Two Areas:

A.  To see if you are suitable fit to become an Entrepreneur in the United States

Applicants should demonstrate how and why they want to be an Entrepeneur.  Owning your own business is not the only requirement.  As an EB5 You will have to create jobs, be a taxpayer and understand how businesses are licensed, managed and grown.  Kellen Capital discusses what your goals are, and determines if there is a suitable fit for our business connections.

B.  Refer you to the proper Legal Representative who Can help you through the Application Process

The government often asks you questions about your Application.   Virtually every EB5 will be required to do some follow up and explain how their business in the United States will grow jobs and fill a need.  How you respond and how quickly you respond will influence your application.  When you are contacted by Immigration, you should immediately contact your legal representative to answer the Government’s questions.

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