02/13 2016

Cosmetic and Wellness Medical Offices (HOT!)

This is the fastest growing sector of Medical services in the world.  Botox, and “light cosmetic” surgery procedures like Laser, and Defoliation, and wrinkle removal, also including Holistic Approaches to well being, and longer youthful appearance.  Botox procedures alone account for a multi billion dollar market.  This investment also takes advantage of the rapidly exploding hormone therapy market.

Botox Centers

Analysis:  The “lite” cosmetic procedure space is the fastest growing segment of the medical industry.  This is also a “cash” only business, and still fast growing, absent insurance.  Over the last five years, this sector has seen 300 and 400 percent growth years.  These very simple indicators make it a strong industry to enter.  But this owner has proven their business model works with three locations, and wants to open ten more in 2016 before moving into a national and then international brand.  Based upon these factors Kellen finds the business to be attractive, prosperous and inexpensive.

Botox Pricing

The U.S. and Japan still lead the world in cost of procedures, with a stable floor.  The Wellness centers provide other holistic services for their clients, without the expensive insurance associated with plastic surgery practitioners.  “The Patient to Consumer Revolution: HOW HIGH TECH, TRANSPARENT MARKETPLACES, AND CONSUMER POWER ARE TRANSFORMING U.S. HEALTHCARE”  has researched the trends.  The paper proves that the Healthcare industry has been attacked by entrepreneurial private investment backed wellness centers.  Indeed from 2009 through 2013 the sector saw no less than 700% growth!  Spotting the sociocultural transformations, and likening them to the same revolutions as computing, tech, gadgets and finance, the healthcare industry is literally still exploding with private sector investment, with many more decades of upside potential.

The Wellness firm has already proven itself capable of understanding not only the dynamics of the market, but also the consumer ~ identifying care, compassion, and sensitivity as major assets in repeat client visits to the Centers.  Much of the business involves attracting clients to repeat procedures and taking care of their needs not only cosmetically, but with a personal touch.

The Firm already has three successful locations, and a proven business model.  Seeks to expand to another 10 locations in 2016.  This firm also has a proven track record in a triple digit growth sector: Hormone Therapy for ED, and also weight loss.   Business model includes partnering with Medical Offices and Practicioners, Co Branding Techniques, and Co Marketing Solutions.  Rather than using an organic growth approach from Revenues, the Owner wants to raise capital from a Private Investment Group of $12 Million to open the ten new locations in the Atlantic Region, and is willing to open “at distance” on the West Coast as well.  Plans in 2017 and 2018 to expand to 100 Locations Globally.  Investment as low as $100,000 in smaller markets, $250,000 in larger markets.  Kellen has full business plan, and can also entertain calls on this exclusive opportunity.

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