02/13 2016

Cleopatra Mall Complex Joint Venture

The Cleopatra Mall Complex is to be built in Las Vegas Nevada.  The Cleopatra Design is similar in nature to the “Galleria” or a Gugenheim project, in that it is instantly recognizable and well known as soon as ground breaks.

There’s really a great backstory to this project.

 The Cleopatra Complex in Egypt is currently underway and is a multi billion dollar Residential, Dining, Entertainment and Shopping project.   The Cleopatra design has won numerous design awards too many to mention here.  It will be traveling to Milan Italy in March of 2016 to be marketed worldwide, and to win that award, if possible.  The 62 Acre Project in Las Vegas needs a $100 Million dollar purchaser to acquire the land, lay out the grid, and run utilities.  The property in Vegas has already been identified for the Mall/Residential Complex.  With both Residential Square Footage and Retail Leases, the potential revenues from this project are in the hundreds of millions per year.  Investor to maintain a 15% long term ownership position in the project.

Cleopatra Mall

This is a project that will enhance the reputation forever, with ANY Investor ANYWHERE will be proud to be associated with.  And the long term profit potential is as solid as it get’s.  Lookout Galleria, there’s a new sheriff in town.


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