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05/31 2015

Kellen Capital, LLC – Keys to Success

While there are obviously a multitude of factors that will contribute to the relative success of the Kellen Capital, LLC Fund, the ones set forth below have been identified as the most critical. It is also worth noting that these variables must be considered as a whole rather than independently. Most of the factors interrelate […]

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05/31 2015

Business Model

KELLEN CAPITAL, LLC is an asset-based lender that sources, originates and services a portfolio primarily comprised of short-term, special-situation, first mortgage bridge loans. The Fund sources and originates short-term loans secured by primarily real estate assets in transition, with combinations of strong location and sponsorship, low cost of acquisition, unique demand drivers or other compelling […]

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05/31 2015

Why Choose Us

Kellen Capital, LLC believes that its long-term prospects for establishing and continuing a successful business are excellent. The Company believes that this industry, and the strong foundation of experience that management brings to the Company, lends itself to positive results over the long-term. With a market-sensitive management team and excellent systems in place to monitor […]