02/13 2016

Aquaponics Rare Food Production Facility

$1,000,000 Investment

1st Year: $600,000 Revenue

3rd Year: $7.2 Million


This is going to be one of the best investments any of us will ever make.  Even Kellen is taking a position in this business.  It touches on all of the BEST there is about our investing lives:

~ Local Grown Movement

~ Environmentally Friendly

~ Gluten Free

~ Organic

~ High Mark Up

~ Low Overhead

~ High Demand

~ All Inventory is Pre Sold and Spoken for months in advance

~ Unique Aquaponic Technology is 100% Bio Friendly, No Imprint

~ Qualifies for Energy Credits with the U.N.

~ Qualifies for State and Federal Grants

~ Employs local U.S. Citizens who need the work

Prawn Chart

Here’s a bit about this unique investment:

The Market for Malaysian Prawns is $47.80 a pound! http://www.indexmundi.com/commodities/?commodity=shrimp&months=60&currency=my And they are so HUGE that they barely fit on the plate.  This unbelievable food product is highly sought after by many:

~ Asian Restaurants

~ Resorts and Resort Chefs

~ Fine Dining Establishments

Malaysian Prawn

Las Vegas hotels have already purchased every single prawn that this start up can produce IN ADVANCE! The demand is strong nationally, and the greenhouses will be in Louisiana.  The Demand from New Orleans alone can literally take every single shipment.

Analysis:  The malaysian prawn is not only sought after by foodies, the price has never dropped below 28 dollars per pound in 5 years (see chart) thus the demand is strong, and the floor price established.   The cost basis is $5.00 to grow, and produce them, with the buyer passing transportation costs along to the consumer.   Factoring a price of  18 dollars per pound, there is a 300 percent mark up.  Considering the high demand and low supply this rare food company has solved the problem of production, while simultaneously filling a demand, and it’s a win win for the economy, consumers and restaurants alike. 

Involving Scientists, Local Growers, a unique and very eco-friendly production facility, the Company will also produce another high end product: Shitake Mushrooms, with a relatively constant market price of 4 to 5 dollar wholesale.  Shitake mushrooms in particular are in the highest demand, and the Company is capable of growing organic exotic, rare products as markets evolve.

Shitake Mushrooms

Logistics are calculated, and at $15-$20 wholesale, the company will be able to see a 300% mark up on the products they produce.  Not only that, but in the process, they will create a worldwide brand and market simultaneously!  Louisiana exports it’s culture better than any other state, and demand for food products even if they were not presold to chefs would remain high, and the market for organically grown local products can easily be converted into a retail brand.  Look for these products to grow an international market within 5 years.



Mushroom Production:  24,000 Pounds per Month:  $80,000 /month per Unit

Prawn Production:           48,000 Pounds per Month   $120,000/month  per Unit

Each Year, the Business Can Grow to Scale and Increase Production Units at a Rate of One to Four Units per Year

By Year Three this Unique Aquaponic Organic Enviro Friendly Process can be generating $600,000 Per Month in Revenue


Analysis Notes,  There are Four Important Factors which make this a sound project:

     ~ Low acquisition of land at $500 an acre

     ~ Adding New Production Units is Fast and Easily affordable from Revenues (about half a million for 12 new greenhouses)

      ~ Low Risk:  Low Investment threshold  coupled with  strong demand, and low competition

      ~ Consistently delivers Made In the U.S.A. products 52 Weeks year round

This is a once in a lifetime investment to own twenty percent of the business for life, and also you will be able to “Invest With Purpose” and invest with a conscious.   Contact Kellen today, this one won’t last long.

Investment Opportunity