Kellen Capital, Inc.  (also referred to as “The Company” or “The Fund”) is a real estate finance fund registered in Delaware with offices in Miami, Virginia and Montana. The Company is eliminating the deal by deal financing with individual investors and moving it to a Fund.

The Company founders have identified a number of critical approaches to strategic development and marketing efforts, assessed alternatives, and developed a series of executable, and cohesive but independent, categories of action to aid the business in its core, overarching goals.

KELLEN CAPITAL, Inc.  maintains a consistent alignment between the Company’s own interests and those of the investors and partners.  It has a PPM based “Fund” capitalized at $100,000,000 for Western States.  Kellen also maintains other various Funds for instance an Undervalued Oil Acquisition Fund, and Alternative Energy Fund, both with over $100,000,000 capitalizations.

KELLEN CAPITAL, LLC‘s primary goal is to bring value to its investors. From acquisition to development, management, and sales strategies, the Company is committed to maximizing capital appreciation and income generation across a range of investment opportunities.


The purpose of this business plan is to define the business and the growth strategy of Kellen Capital, Inc.  as well as provide information and the financial projections necessary for investors to evaluate the strength of the Company.

The Company will demonstrate that there is a large enough market to service; Kellen Capital, Inc. has the effective sales and marketing strategies to establish, grow and expand the Company. Kellen Capital, Inc. will also demonstrate that the Company has eliminated or reduced as many variables of risk as possible. Investors will realize that Kellen Capital, Inc.  can gain a significant return on investment (ROI) from investing in this Company.


(Trustees are located in Reno, NV and Deleware)