02/13 2016

4 Million Brazilian Gold Mine Investment

The area is located in the municipality of São Fernando and the municipalities of Caicó
and Timbaúba dos Batistas, Rio Grande do Norte . There are 3 claims which are licensed
for research by the government body which grant mining licenses – the DNPM. The
project spreads over 3 claims:
848487/2012 – 1837 hectares
848461/2012 – 1722 hectares
848462/2012 – 1269 hectares

Totaling 4828 hectares (almost 50 square kilometers).

Its owner will provide all the
necessary environmental licenses. The claim owner will sell the 3 claims for $250,000 and
the surface rights can be leased or purchased for an additional investment of $60,000.
The investor will own the surface rights, the underground rights, operational licenses and
government environmental licenses. He will own all machinery, plants, capital and
equipment. The Investor will own the entire project (99,5% of it since the Brazilian
Government does not allow 100% foreign ownership). However, Partner can have a proxy in Brazil as ownership, or create shell corporation 100% owned by foreign investment. $4 Million will purchase the rights to mine gold in secondary mining areas overlooked by major companies.   Thus, the legal logistics have been worked out and there is no barrier to U.S. Investor or Ownership.

Profit Potential is strong with low pro forma at $2,000,000 per year.  Can expect to expand operations after year one to $4Million Net Net.  A Kellen Exclusive, fairly priced, ready to start work immediately.


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