02/13 2016

$20,000,000 Joint Venture Oil, Natural Gas, Mining, Water Rights Fund

Profiting from Investments is a simple as buying low and selling high, right? It’s amazing how many 10’s of millions of investors, thinking it is that simple have lost or never even entered the market.  However there are gains to be made at certain obvious price points.  One is the “All Time Low”  another might be the “Decades Low” entry point.   The same axiom works with selling.  Exiting a stock on a ten year high for instance, or all time high would be a safe investment if you were to have entered at a low point.  Averaging down on assets as they get cheaper is another strategy that works for you in the oil/gas space.

Kiplinger says this is a great time to enter the Oil market. http://www.kiplinger.com/article/investing/T052-C008-S002-how-to-profit-from-the-oil-crash.html Their argument is simple one:  Oil stocks haven’t been this low since the 80’s.  Kiplinger does what you’d expect of them: Throw a dart at just about any petro stock, and it’s bound to be hitting the floor.   But what if you don’t want to wait for a stock’s price to rise, and you want benefits now?  Our Petro Acquisition Project is designed for both a mid length hold, and immediate dividends.

Kellen Seeks a JV from private investor for a 3 to 5 year hold.  This will be a stable income provider for years to come.  The goal with this venture is to take advantage of International energy assets that can be controlled, managed, or maintained at low or no cost to the Investor.  Kellen will consider one Investor for 20 Million (50% ownership)  or Two at 10 Million each for 25 percent ownship stake.  Does NOT have to be comfortable in Oil Business, Kellen has teams of executives and researchers to determine the viability of assets.


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